Welcome to Fairytale Cakes! 
Specializing in custom cake designs for every occasion

  • Birthdays
  • Children's Birthday Themes
  • Baby Showers
  • Holidays
  • Special Occasions

Please contact Fairytale Cakes at least four weeks in
advance for cake orders.
Email: Fairytalecakes@live.com
Phone: (804) 503-6157

Monthly Updates! 
Currently booked for the following dates:
May 9-10, May 15-16, June 4-7, June 13-14, July 25-26
Please contact me 4-8 weeks in advance for orders!
Please note that there will be some changes in 2015!
As of July 2015, I will no longer be taking orders for wedding cakes. Also, there will be a change in prices effective in July. Please see the Menu page for more details.